Who we are and what we do?

Turkish University Admission Service is the largest study choice search and admission platform, enabling international students to find and compare their study options across borders and select the right Turkish universities for them.

Turkish University Admission Service was formed to help prospective international students find their ideal undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD admissions in Turkish universities. Turkish University Admission Service is an independent company, focused on connecting international students to higher education opportunities. Turkish University Admission Service prepares International students for their life in study, helping them develop an informed approach so they have a lasting passion for learning. Turkish University Admission Service provides information, advice, and admission services to encourage and facilitate progression in education. Our aim is to help people make well-informed choices about their post-secondary education, using our in-depth insights about how and when students make their decisions. Turkish University Admission Service is a results-based channel for international student recruitment and marketing, helping universities reach a global audience and optimise their student population.

Helping you make the right choice. Turkish University Admission Service has direct communication with all Turkish universities, meaning your application will be processed quicker and more effectively than applying alone.

We provide independent, accurate, and timely information and advice to students, parents, teachers, and education consultants, about higher education in Turkey, encompassing different modes and levels of study, including undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD degrees qualifications. This includes practical advice to help people work out which qualification, subject, and university are right for them, and we work with other organisations to provide information about tuition fees, accommodation and advice on culture, as well as student protection rights and responsibilities.

enables Turkish universities to connect with a wide range of potential students. We manage the risks from fluctuating numbers of applications and deliver cost-effective services to help universities plan and manage admissions decision-making. For undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD admissions, we provide data and services to support admissions that are responsible for international student intakes by providing consultancy on the educational backgrounds and help universities evaluate the effectiveness of widening participation activities. A centralised service, with a common application process, with agreed to timescales and business rules.

We aim to deliver an accessible and trusted admissions service to the Turkish higher education market, which is responsive to the needs of the next generation of international students. We are here to help guide you through each step of the application process to any Turkish universities.

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