Arrival Services

Travel Insurance

Easily book your travel insurance during your deposit payment on our secure gateway. Travel and health insurance are key whilst you are studying at the Turkish University and gives you complete peace of mind throughout your studies.

Airport Pickup

Once you have your flights confirmed, book your airport pickup to ensure you arrive at your new accommodation smoothly and be greeted by your accommodation representative.

Bank Account Opening

After you arrive in Turkey, there is a lot to think about, including setting up a bank account. Through our portal, you will be able to pre-arrange an account opening meeting with one of our preferred banks to ensure your account is open and debit card received in your first two week.

Cross-Cultural Orientation Training Assistance

The goal of this training is to develop cultural awareness, to explain the norms, values and taboos of the Turkish culture, history, politics and the business etiquette. Expats in Turkey are exposed to the cultural differences through our trainings and minimize the culture shock and uncertainty they may face in the process.

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