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People spend most of their life while working. Therefore, working is one of the important facts in human life. Working in a field of interest for your career and shaping your future on it, starts from the university years when you create the cornerstones of your career. First of all, you choose the associate degree or bachelor's degree which you want and you will do the best for yourself.


Let's list the main points to consider when we are choosing associate degree or bachelor's degree program. By researching the resources that we can get information about and on the subject, finding answers to a few questions will make our selection easier.

Let's list the following questions;

  • When I finish the program choose, what are the job opportunities this program offers me?
  • What will be the skills / equipment that can i get during my education?
  • When I finish this program, what are the skills / equipment that i need to have to work in this field?
  • If i choose this program, in which companies can I work on my own position in the country?

You can find the program you are looking for when you also answer your personal questions. Today, the word "Career" means that people develop themselves in their work, gain experience and skills throughout their working life. In a world where these and similar definitions give the meanings to the word 'Career', the choices you make at the university shape your future. While directing your future, you can find the program that you are looking for in the developing Turkish universities.

To do this, you must first register into the Turkish University Admission Service alt="Turkish University Admission Service" /> system. After selecting the desired program from the system, firstly, you need to enter your personal information into the system. You must upload your documents and information of the undergraduate or graduate program which you have completed to the system. After uploading all your information to the system, your documents will be examined by the public authority and the e-mail address will be sent to the e-mail address registered in the system. You can review the doctoral programs from the button below;

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