Our Values

We believe in the following values that guide our work every day as we endeavour to realise our vision and achieve our mission.

We’re committed to the highest standards of excellence.

We’re student focused. We make informed decisions and evaluate based on student’s aspirations to enhance the student experience.

Responsiveness :
We monitor the global marketplace and respond quickly. We embrace innovation and creative thinking.

We create innovative, student-focused solutions which are leading in our field.

We facilitate access to information and communications that empower international students and Turkish İnstitutions around the world to reach their potential.

We help students with probably their first big decision of their lives.

We aim to increase the diversity of international student population in Turkey.


We communicate effectively and honestly;

  • We work collaboratively to achieve shared goals.
  • We are open to each other’s ideas, feedback and change.
  • We establish strong partnerships.

As an official representative of Turkish universities operating to Global standards, international students are guaranteed the same high-quality service and support wherever they are in the world. We work closely with Turkish higher education institutions and our education consultants can help you apply to any Turkish university.

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