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Each Turkish University sets its own admission criteria and decides which applicants meet those criteria. Therefore, applications by degree-seeking international students to an undergraduate program must be made directly to the Student İnternational Office of the university.

Admission Requirements to Study in Turkey

Everyone is welcomed to study in Turkey as Turkish universities charge relatively affordable tuition fees and the quality of education is recognizable of international standard.

In order to gain admission into any of the Turkish universities, it is expected of international applicants to satisfy certain qualification requirements. But the focus here basically is on the requirements for international applicants going in for undergraduate programs.

For a first degree, most international students study a four-year undergraduate degree, featuring a combination of seminars, workshops and lectures made up of different modules. Certain modules are optional, and as such students can tailor study to what they are most interested in.

Please keep in mind that enrolling more than one undergraduate program at the same time is not possible.

Undergraduate Program Requirements

Undergraduate program-requirements-lists in most Turkish universities invariably are all similar. But when it comes to Undergraduate programs, the requirements for admission are decided on by the individual department to which the student directly applies and not by the general institutional administration.

In most cases, some departments will request to meet with the applicant for a personal interview before deciding on whether the applicant will be admitted. Every international applicant must submit a certified copy of a higher school certificate or the equivalent. This is, of course, to demonstrate that he/she satisfactorily graduated from secondary school. This proof must be supported with other necessary documents bordering on transcripts or even detailed mark sheets; this should be forwarded to the Turkish university of the applicant’s choosing.

Detailed information on undergraduate program admission requirements in Turkish universities.

The accepted higher school certificates for Undergraduate programs are listed as follow:

  • Higher school diploma
  • Higher secondary school certificate
  • General certificates of secondary education (GCSE)
  • Higher secondary certificate
  • School leaving certificate
  • Testimonial
  • High school learning certificate

What are the requirements?

Most universities usually base their admissions decisions on a student’s academic record and applicable test scores, such as TOEFL, the GRE/GMAT or SAT.

The accepted documents for undergraduate programs are listed as follow:

  • Turkish University Admission Service Online Application Form
  • Application Fee (The fee for each application ranges $250. This pays for processing your application and is non-refundable, even if you aren’t admitted to the university.)
  • Valid Passport Copy or Birth Certificate
  • High School diploma
  • An official transcript
  • A statement of purpose (Personal Statement)
  • An updated resume (Cv)
  • Reference letters (Some universities require recommendation letters to be received from your professors about your qualities.)
  • Entrance Exam Scores (Additionally, not all but some universities will ask for good scores on either YOS, Abitur, the ACT or the SAT, depends on each university.)
  • Language Proficiency Score (The required score from language exams will still depend on the school to which applicant applies. Students who are not able to take one of the international language tests (TOEFL, IELTS, PEARSON etc.) or national language tests (YDS, E-YDS, YÖKDİL) may take the university's proficiency test upon arrival. Those who fail the proficiency test must take the Language program of the university before beginning the academic study. This preparatory year is not included in the total number of years of study required for graduation. For further information on application procedures please contact the Admissions Office of the respective university.)
  • Written exams and/or interviews (In addition to the undergraduate examinations, departments may require additional admission examinations or interviews that are periodically announced by the office of the pertinent undergraduate program.)

Having enlisted all the necessary requirements for enrolling in an undergraduate program in any Turkish university.

Intake periods/deadlines

Generally, admission calendars for most turkey universities are the same. Intake periods for admission start in June to end of August.

Most universities encourage international students to contact them at least one year before they plan to enter that University. Then they could have a plenty of time to fulfil the requirements on time.

Who can apply?

International applicants who have a high school diploma equivalent to Turkish diplomas and who meet the application criteria stated above may apply for an undergraduate program in Turkey. Applicants must complete high school diploma programs by the admission period at the latest.

How to apply for a Program

By estimate, there are around 206 universities in Turkey, most of which are state universities while the rest are private universities.

Applying for programs in any of the existing Turkish universities is quite an easy process owing to the availability of a good number of useful admission inquiry websites that can offer an aspiring applicant a good guide Turkish University Admission Service, in a nutshell, below are the basic steps to follow when applying for programs in Turkish universities;

  • With the aid of websites such as the one provided above or through some local admission processing Turkish University Admission Service representative agent in your country, find a suitable undergraduate degree program you would love to study in Turkey.
  • Put together all the required documents under the advisement of the agent handling your admission processing or you can as well follow the detailed requirement information provided by the website.
  • Submit your application through platform online admission system on the website
  • After completing your application, it is important to submit all the required documents into Turkish University Admission Service account. Ensure documents arrive intact before the admission deadline. Ascertain deadline in the admission calendar.
  • If your application into the university of your choosing eventually turns out successful, the university will issue acceptance documents which will aid your visa application.
  • After completing the above steps successfully, the next thing is to put things in order with respect to your traveling and accommodation.

If you wish to learn more about studying a postgraduate degree in Turkey, could you please arrange consultation with Turkish University Admission Service.

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