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The following steps explain the application process for undergraduate programmes available in all Turkish universities. All applications are processed through the Turkish Universities Application Service - Turkish University Admission Service portal

We will assist you in every way possible to make your application successful. Before you can begin the application process, you must register. When you register you’ll need to answer some basic questions about yourself.

  • Find your programme:The first step in the application process is searching and selecting the right undergraduate programme for you.
  • Choosing your University: You can choose up to five Universities. There is no preference order and the universities you have selected will not see where else you have applied.
  • Check entry requirements and deadlines:Each programme has general entry requirements and programme-specific entry requirements. Once you have decided which programme(s) you would like to apply for, check both sets of requirements to determine your eligibility.
  • Take a final look at your application: Confirm if you need to make any edits. Once you’ve selected all the sections as complete, you will be able to start the application process – this allows us to process your information and send it to your selected universities. You will then move on to the final section.
  • Track for your notification of acceptance: After the deadline, your application will undergo a selection process, which is determined by the individual university. They take several criteria into account, including your grades, results from previous courses and degree projects, and any other documentation the university asked you to provide. All of these criteria’s will influence the result of your application. The decision on whether you are successful is decided by the university (or universities) that you have applied to.

After you have applied, we will send you an email acknowledgement within 24 hours. You will be assigned with a student reference number that can be used at any point of enquiry about your application.

Please read carefully the information in this section and follow the instructions given carefully; this will help ensure that everything runs quickly and smoothly. You will be able to track the progress of your application online. You must apply early, as competition for programmes at Turkish University Admission Service are intense. Your application will not be considered until we have received all your supporting documents. Wherever possible you should submit all of your documents with your online application. You should expect to wait an average of 8 weeks for a decision when applying for an undergraduate programme.

Before you begin your application, here are the top things the admissions team will look for when reviewing your application. Applications can only be made individually by the candidates.

  • Qualifications, you must provide all of your qualifications from secondary education onwards – whether you have the result (even any that were ungraded) or you’re still awaiting exams and results.
  • Candidates are strongly advised to carefully read the instructions and notices in the application system.
  • Applicants are required to submit and upload the necessary documents to the application system.
  • Applications delivered by post, courier, or by hand will not be accepted.
  • Applicants will be placed in a university and program among their 5 preferences which they have selected in the application system
  • To apply to Turkish Universities as an international student you need to complete and submit an online application form. Applications with missing documents will not be taken into consideration. You should not email or post any documents to us during the application process.
  • Fraud prevention, we take active steps to scrutinise and verify documents received during the application process. If we are unable to verify independently the accuracy of information supplied, your application may be cancelled and any offer withdrawn.

You will need to create an account online using your email address and you should use the same email address for your application and any enquiries made to us. You do not need to complete the form in one go; you can return to your partially completed application by logging in to the Turkish University Admission Service platform using the email address and password you created when you started the process.

You must also upload all your supporting documents with your application. You must scan and upload your transcripts and request references to be submitted online. The online application allows you to submit your completed application securely and quickly. Your application will not be processed until we have received all the required documents.

You may apply for up to five programmes, which will be considered sequentially in the order on your application form.

All applications must be accompanied by supporting documents. Some of these are required by all applicants, others are only needed for specific programmes. We ask you to provide the documents as requested, so that university/universities can make an appropriate decision on your application. Please be aware that all documents are non-returnable.

We take active steps to scrutinise and verify documents provided during the application process. If we are unable to verify independently the validity of information supplied, your application may be cancelled, and any offer withdrawn.

Important Details:
  • Most programs in Turkish universities are instructed in Turkish. However, many departments and universities offer programs in English or other languages. Candidates who wish to study in these programs need to have an internationally recognized language certificate to prove their language proficiency (TOEFL and other equivalent certificates). Most of these programs require international admission test scores such as GRE, GMAT, SAT etc. Candidates can check the language of instruction while selecting the programs in the application system.
  • Undergraduate candidates who possess International qualifications such as SAT or GCSE instead of national exam scores, will need to provide the minimum required qualifications needed for completing secondary school according to these international exams.
University Enrolment

Once your application is processed and you have been accepted. Please contact the Registrar’s Office of the university, to get more information about the enrolment process. When you go to the university for enrolment, please visit the International Student Office and provide them with your contact details. After completing your enrolment, obtain four copies of your student card/certificate from the university.

  • High School Diploma (and a certified copy of your High School Diploma which is translated into Turkish)
  • An Equivalence Letter from the Ministry of Education of Turkey or from the Turkish Embassy Education Counsellor in their country, certifying that the diploma is equivalent to a Turkish High School Diploma (Original diploma or interim certificate of graduation and its Turkish translation certified by notary public or Turkish foreign missions).
  • Original high school diploma equivalence certificate obtained from the Republic of Turkey’s Provincial Directorates of National Education (İl Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü) or Turkish foreign missions (for undergraduate students only).
  • Approved transcript indicating the courses, grades and general point average (GPA) and its Turkish translation certified by notary public or Turkish foreign missions.
  • Copy of the pages of the passport with student visa showing your identity information, expiration date, and its Turkish translation, where both the copy and translation are certified by notary public or Turkish foreign missions.
  • Internationally recognised foreign language certificate and Turkish proficiency certificate (if any)
  • Residence permit (to be submitted to your university’s Registrar’s Office within one month of your enrolment date)

Undergraduate students need to obtain a high school certificate of equivalence. Please ask the officials of the Embassy /Consulate of the Republic of Turkey whether there is an Education Counsellor (Eğitim Müșavirliği) in your country. If there is an Education Counsellor in your country, you can obtain the high school certificate of equivalence before departing to Turkey. If not, you can get it by applying to the Provincial National Education Directorates (İl Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü) in the province that you will stay in Turkey.

Transcript of your last year of high school or student certificate

Diploma or student certificate indicating that you are entitled to obtain a diploma


Good luck with your application!

You can meet our admissions team by attending an event in your home country. Alternatively, you can see a list of frequently asked questions.

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