You have to renew your registration within the deadlines set in the academic calendar. If you do not renew your registration within this period, you cannot attend classes in that semester / year and this period is counted from your education period. You cannot benefit from student rights.

If you enrol in the following semester and the education periods specified in paragraph (c) of article 44 are not exceeded, you will benefit from student rights.

In case the students do not renew their registration without paying the tuition fee and tuition fee, the procedure is made within the scope of the provision in the Temporary Article 67 of the Law No. 2547.

If you give up the right to register after depositing the contribution fee / tuition fee, you cannot get the fee back.

You can also pay the Contribution fee / tuition fee outside the working hours from debit and internet banking.

Contribution fees are determined by the Council of Ministers every year.

The Council of Ministers determines the contribution fee separately according to the faculty, college, vocational school and state conservatory.

Students who do not pay the semester instalments of their tuition contributions fee calculated according to Article 46 of Law No. 2547 within the registration renewal and course registration period specified in the academic calendar are not registered and cannot be renewed.

Current period student contribution fee / tuition fee information is published on the website of the university you have applied before the course registration starts.

Students who do not pay the contribution fee / tuition fee within the period are not registered and renewed. These students cannot benefit from their student rights in the related semester.

The student's graduation date is the day on which the last examination was held. However, students who have not graduated until this date due to internship, industry-based education, graduation project, graduation project, graduation thesis, diploma study, field work and other reasons will graduate on the date of completion of these studies.

According to faculties, schools, vocational schools’ departments / programs, contribution fee / tuition fees are determined by the Council of Ministers.

If the contribution is not paid on time, the student cannot register and lose the right to study that semester. Students who do not pay their contribution fee for the relevant semester, he/she cannot benefit from student rights for that period and cannot take any action.

Pursuant to the 27th article of the Council of Ministers' tuıtion fees, the students who earn the Student Selection and Placement Exam or register as an international student or cancel their registration at their own discretion or change their schools are not reimbursed.

Students who register to our university for the first time and gain the right to be a student can request an academic leave. The student whose academic leave request is accepted before the course registration does not pay the contribution fee / tuition fee. If the tuition fee is paid, the fee is not refundable. Academic leave of up to four semesters is given at universities, not exceeding one semester at a time. Students who are deemed to have academic leave for one semester must pay the tuition fee.

Due to internships and similar activities that do not require a course registration, students whose graduations carry over to the next semester / year do not pay the tuition fee or the secondary education fee in that academic semester / year. However, students who want to benefit from their student rights pay their tuition fee or secondary education fee in the semester / year they do.

Except for the preparatory class, primary education students who are successful in the minimum courses determined for each semester in their department and who take these courses, pay the half of the student contribution fee in the next semester, ranking in the top 10% in the ranking to be made by the end of the semester. Secondary education students pay tuition fees in the next semester as much as the student contribution fee that the primary education students will pay.

It is held on the dates specified in the Academic Calendar accepted by the Senate of the Universities in each academic year. Registration renewal cannot be performed outside the specified period.

Students who do not pay the tuition fee during the first registration and renewal are not registered or renewed. Students have to renew their registrations at the beginning of each semester within the period determined in the academic calendar. Students who do not renew their registration during this period cannot attend classes and benefit from their student rights during that semester. This period is counted from the education period (Loss of duration). In addition, the student who paid only the contribution fee / tuition fee is not deemed renewed. In order to complete the registration renewal process, the course registration must be completed and the contribution / tuition fee must be paid.

For the deregistration of a student; only if he / she makes a written application, his / her registration is deleted after the dismissal process. The student must do the deregistration themselves. If he/she is not present, they must give a proxy. After the dismissal form to be taken from the Student Affairs of the university is approved by the relevant places, the dismissal is completed.

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