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Follow your path to a top university with Turkish University Admission Service. Deciding where to study is an important decision in your life, and we’re confident that we have a university – and a destination – that’s right for you. Choose from great universities in Turkey and we can guide you on your path that will change your future.

Applying for an undergraduate, postgraduate or PhD degree in Turkey is very simple. You don’t need to get in touch with lots of universities - you can apply for up to five courses at once through Turkish Universities Admissions Service (Turkish University Admission Service) for a small administration fee and Turkish University Admission Service handles everything else.

You do all your research and applying for courses online through the Turkish University Admission Service platform.

We’ve made the Turkish university application process simple, with 6 stages:
  • Register with Turkish University Admission Service and search your dream degree.
  • You need to choose a university and degree based on your personal strengths and your goals. Most importantly, the right degree will help you to develop skills for the long term, for your career and personal development.
  • Complete the online application form, and send this to us with your supporting documents through Turkish University Admission Service platform. Our staff can give you guidance on anything you need.
  • We’ll review your application, and if it’s successful, we’ll send your choice university an offer to study in Turkey.
  • Accept your offer by completing and returning the offer acceptance form, and by either paying your deposit (the 1st instalment of your tuition fee) or sending your financial guarantee (if you’re a sponsored student).
  • Finally, once you have completed step 3, and satisfied all conditions of your offer (if there are any), we’ll send you confirmation documents. This will allow you to apply for a student visa in Turkey.

We can also recommend a trusted local agent if you’d like extra support.

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When to apply

We have multiple intakes each year, which often gives you flexibility on when you can start your degree. We recommend, however, that you apply at least a few months in advance of when you want to start. This will give you enough time to prepare your visa application, reserve your accommodation and get ready for your trip.

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Receiving an offer

If your application is complete and successful, once our Admissions team receives it, Turkish university İnternational office will issue a study offer within 3-5 weeks. There are 2 types of offer:

  • Unconditional: there are no conditions you need to meet, or extra documents you need to send
  • Conditional: you need to meet certain conditions, and / or send extra documents, so we can fully accept your application If your application is not successful, we can look at alternative or more suitable study options for you based on your qualifications and circumstances.

Turkish University Admission Service will contact you with any offers from your chosen universities. If your offer is “unconditional”, you can relax as your place on the course is confirmed. Some offers are conditional – usually this means your offer is confirmed as long as you achieve certain results in your current studies or in English/Turkish language tests.

Once you have decided to accept an offer then you can respond to it through the Turkish University Admission Service website – then you’re on your way to becoming a student in Turkey.

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Research your course

Research is key if you're wanting to stand out to university admissions departments. University courses vary widely with regards to content and modules.

A good place to begin is by speaking to Turkish University Admission Service admissions departments or Turkish University Admission Service country representative themselves. Ask course-specific questions to the right departments if there's something you're interested in.

Get an award

Gaining an award shows university admissions departments you have a certain level of expertise that you have worked hard for, and sets you apart from others.

Young people who have taken any related Award demonstrate a number of attributes. In particular, you show commitment to a particular programme over a given timescale in which you have developed new skills and knowledge through your choice of activity.

Believe in yourself

You've made it this far, which means you've already done a lot of hard work. Well done!

Be proud of what you've achieved so far, and have the confidence in your university application to express that you can do whatever you set your mind to. So, as you're getting your head down with your application, remember this all-important benefit of really standing out in your university application.

Finally, don’t panic!

Trying to make a decision while panicking can make the whole situation feel even more stressful than it needs to be, and you could end up making a rash decision you may regret later down the line.

Do as much research as possible. Find out the various deadlines for applying, visas, accommodation and so on, so you can make sure you can meet them. You’ll also need to ensure you have the necessary documents needed for your visa as well as applying to the courses.

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Whatever you choose to study with Turkish University, Turkish university will prepare you for the rest of your life. Explore your passions and interests in a friendly and welcoming community, supported by state of the art facilities and an incredible student experience.

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