How it works:

applying to Turkish university

Follow your path to a top university with TUAS. Deciding where to study is an important decision in your life, and we’re confident that we have a university – and a destination – that’s right for you. Choose from great universities in Turkey and we can guide you on your path that will change your future.

Apply Online

Find courses in the Turkish University Admission Service search tool and check entry requirements

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Wait to Hear Back

The universities will decide whether to make an offer.It'll bee

  • either unconditional if you’ve already met the entry requirements.
  • or conditional if the offer's based on your exam results.
Reply to Your Offers

Once all the decisions are in, you have to reply to your offers.

  • Select a main choice and this is your first choice.
  • If your first choice is conditional, select an insurance choice too, if you want – this is a back-up choice in case you don’t meet the conditions for your main choice.
  • Decline any other offers.
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Find out if you’ve got your place

You’ll see in Track if your place is confirmed.

  • If your main choice is unconditional – the place is yours!
  • If your place is conditional, the university will update your status when they have your exam results or other evidence that you’ve met the conditions.
  • You may be unsuccessful if you don’t meet the conditions – in this case you can contact directly with us to apply for more courses.