Career Opportunities

In particular, international students enrolled in a master's or PhD program in Turkey can work as researchers in scientific projects related to their work to finance their graduate studies. Some private universities also accept graduate students with full scholarships and can provide assistantships for students in exchange for this scholarship. Undergraduate students will often find opportunities to work in a part-time job, according to their course schedules.

If you have a plan to work in your student life, what you need to know first is that your student residence permit does not cover the work permit alone. Therefore, if you want to work during your studies, you will first need to obtain a work permit. There are different types of work permits such as short-term, perpetual, independent work and are given by General Directorate of International Labour.

Work Permits

According to the New Law on the İnternational Labour Force, foreign students who are enrolled in formal graduate programs as Master’s or PhD program in a higher education institution in Turkey are able to work and apply for work permit. However, international students who are enrolled in associate degree or undergraduate programs can not apply for work permit.

Employment in Turkey is mainly governed by Turkish Labour Law and Trade Union Law. Working permits are granted by The Ministry of Labour. After finding a job at a Turkish company, the company should apply for the working permit on behalf of the foreigner. There is no guarantee that the Ministry will definitely provide the foreigner with a working permit.

In the meantime most work permits are issued initially for one year. When they are extended, the new permit is usually for three years, and then for six years. If you have been a resident of Turkey for eight years and have had a work permit for six of them, you should then be able to get a permanent work permit.

After Graduation

If you want to work in Turkey after graduation, do not miss the career fairs held in the university campuses. In these fairs, human resources officials come from many important companies in Turkey. They give information about their work and internship opportunities, while also collecting resumes from alumni candidates. These fairs are a great chance for business and internship opportunities.

In addition, many university career centres provide students with a variety of consultancy services, including announcement of job opportunities for post-graduation career steps, interview simulation and resume creation.

Popular Graduate JobsS
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • IT
  • Sales
  • Supply chain management
How to Get a Job in Turkey

Your hunt for a Turkish job begins at home, as you'll need confirmation of work to secure a work permit before you arrive in the country. There are a number of job sites you can use:

Summer Career
Summer Jobs

There's plenty of summer work available for those who'd like a taste of Turkish culture while earning some money, particularly in the tourism industry.

Whether you're looking for general vacancies or have a Turkish city in mind, visit:

Alternatively, you can sign up to a temping agency, such as Adecco Turkey, and receive updates on short-term positions tailored to your preferences.

Whatever you choose to study with Turkish University, Turkish university will prepare you for the rest of your life. Explore your passions and interests in a friendly and welcoming community, supported by state of the art facilities and an incredible student experience.

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