The word YÖS stands for “Yabancı Uyruklu Öğrenci Sınavı” which means “Foreign Student Exam” it’s an entrance exam for foreign students who are seeking to study in Turkish Universities to get undergraduate or graduates education. This exam enables students to study medicine, law, psychology, pharmacy, mechanical engineering, architecture, and other subjects in Turkey. However, not all universities in turkey require the YÖS exam such as some private universities through an exam called SAT. The YÖS exam is only recognized in the Republic of Turkey. If you choose to take the YOS exam to study in Turkey. You need to know what questions you will encounter during the exam.

The Exam includes usually 80 to 100 questions and in most cases 80 questions. With a total grade out of 100.

The Exam is divided into three important parts:

  • Intelligence “IQ Questions” basic skills and logic. (45 to 55 questions).
  • Mathematics “Math Questions” contains about 30 questions. In case the total number of questions is 100, then the number of questions in the math part increases to 45 questions.
  • Engineering “Geometry Questions” (5 to 10 Questions).

You will take the exam when you are at the University. Some other Universities may add test subjects such as physics, chemistry, or problem-solving according to the requirements of the testing organization. Provide university services and include test papers on your exam description or test page. All courses on the structure follow the learning system of students, but because there is no specific course the exam is determined by the university offering the course, which contains specific materials and research content. The university uses an automated multiple-choice question system, and all questions on the calibration scale are at the same level. However, some universities have ruled out correct answers for every four incorrectly answered questions.

The test language is in Turkish, and many universities give it also in English, Arabic, German and other languages. Exams must have the correct information, such as YÖS test scores and test volume.

About mathematics, engineering, and intelligence:

The questions in the IQ part refer to basic intellectual questions that involve simple and repetitive questions.

The questions in the "Mathematics" section may cover basic mathematical topics, from functions, trigonometric functions, logarithms to differentiation and integration. All these topics are taught in high school, although this part is more difficult than the other parts. But, of course, it is not difficult to check the main source of this evidence.

The Geometry part includes the basic principles of geometry, namely angles, circles. , Triangles and their similarities, space geometry, etc. Many people may have overlooked this issue. In this section, your strategic advantage may be more important.

The importance of the exam is that many Turkish universities require students to pass the YÖS exam or SAT exam to be able to participate in their major department desired or other universities that are satisfied with the high level of knowledge. Exam certificate based on their school grade percentage and the degree they earned in the exam it’s an important factor where it can provide students with more significance, opportunities, and modifications compared to others.

If you are an international student living abroad, who has at least graduated from a high school or an institution that holds a high school position in Turkey, you can apply for the international student exam. In addition, you must meet the registration requirements set by your preferred higher education institution. In Turkey, every university has different conditions and standards in accepting foreign students. Therefore, you need to list and satisfy the requirements of the university or college you want to apply to. The university gets in touch together and prepares the YOS questions on its own.

Each university decides where the exam will take place. The test can be done on the campus of the same university and in major cities such as Istanbul and Ankara. Students must go to the campus where he is assigned to do their exam in person. However, since 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic, some universities decided to take the exam online. By 2021, as the coronavirus continues to spread, many universities started switching to online testing. Universities that have passed online exams this year include Ankara University, Marmara University, etc.

The registration period for the YÖS 2021 exam starts around February and lasts until April. For sure, it should be noted that each university has its registration plan. You can find the information of each particular university related to the YÖS exam on their website.

To pass the exam properly and successfully, you can for example start by watching Turkish movies in addition to series where you can learn some of the basics of the Turkish language. Also by downloading apps like duo lingo where you can learn basics in a very joyful way, and Google translates, when you have any word you would like to learn it in Turkish, you can write it in English or whatever language you like and learn the word and what does it stands for. You can use these kinds of ways to learn the language through the internet.

Universities can publish their list of courses that can be taken in the YÖS exam. Each student can apply to both private and public universities in Turkey through the YÖS exam. Some music and art universities request “special talent tests” as another way to examine their student’s talents.

Registration for the YÖS exam is directed between January and May, while the exams are conducted from April to the end of June of each year because each university sets its standards and admissions according to its organizational plan Date and exam schedule. Application centers are established by universities and are distributed in Turkey and many other regions. When registering for the exam, the center will be selected according to the wishes of the students and the location of the universities they would like to apply to and enroll to.

To be able to register for the YOS exam you need to accomplish its requirements mentioned below:

Reservation, where you must visit the website of the corresponding university to register: You can register too many universities online. A valid email address is required for verification. When pre-registering, you need to complete the registration, by filling the form and submitting it. On this registration form, you must select the city where you want to take the exam. It’s important also to scan your passport clearly and upload it into the system. After submission of the form, a confirmation email will be sent to you, after verification, the system will automatically get activated. You will receive an application number and your account will be created in the university. After activating the account, you need to set a username and password. And then the actual registration process begins.

Registration after completing the pre-registration process for the YÖS exam, you will receive an email with instructions on how to register. Most links are sent via email to make it easier while registering. You must upload your passport. You also need to provide the city where you want to take the test. All blanks must be filled nothing must be left empty!

Then after registering you need to Log in to your account. You can track changes in YÖS test data in the system. You can also find more information about the YÖS exam in the system.

After the registration process is completed you will be able to take the exam. You will receive an email stating that your exam card has been completed. If you have not received the email, please check the system. It’s important to print out this card. With this card, you will be applicable to take the YÖS exam.

Requirements for Registration:

  1. A certified and translated copy of the high school diploma
  2. A copy of the passport
  3. A clear personal photo
  4. Log in to the related university website
  5. Read the test booklet wisely
  6. Check where your test will be held
  7. Complete the information requested on the site
  8. Pay the exam fee
  9. Be present on the test date on the specified date and time

The most difficult part of the exam is time, the students must be able to answer all questions at the right time where they must think of the right answer and answer with less time to be able to work on other questions which may be hard or long.

No one can judge if the YÖS exam is hard or not. It depends on every student. If you prepared and worked hard for the exam and its subjects, you will see it as an easy exam and vice versa.

The registration fee varies from university to university and ranges from US$30 to US$100 and around 400 Turkish Liras. Public universities usually cost more, while private universities cost less, some universities charge the payments in dollars. The Payment is made by transferring the amount to the bank account of the university or using a credit card. The money must be deducted from the system after the payment is done. You will then receive a payment confirmation and confirm that you have completed your registration for the YÖS exam.

In some universities, students do not have to show a high school diploma to choose a university to take the YÖS exam. However, he/she will not be able to graduate from university without providing documents and proving that he has graduated from high school.

Try to fill in the answer sheet during the exam, if you leave the blanks till the end empty, it will take a long time to fill it, up to 10 minutes, and it may cause you to stress because of time and fill the answers in the wrong blank.

Mark a point or a sign beside the question that you’re not knowing the answer to, for at the end to go back to the question and try to solve it if you have time left, Don’t waste much time on a question.

There’s always time for the last question, don’t re-check your answers until all questions are answered.

If you have extra time after finishing the last question, go back to the question you feel that you can get the right answer with less time.

If you are left with many unanswered questions, choose the questions that look easier to you and try to solve them, one at a time till all questions finish.

If you weren’t able to answer all the questions, leave the ones who aren’t answered blank.

If the university uses the system to delete one correct answer out of every four wrong answers, or if the university does not follow this kind of system, the score will be higher in both cases.

Taking an interest in the YÖS exam has its principles and you should focus on significant matters so your actions are not wasted through the exam procedure.

  • A copy of the exam form after registering for the exam on the university’s website
  • A pencil, eraser
  • A watch to check the time
  • Ensure that your original passport will be with you and with good expiration date
  • Check the test site in advance and choose the best and fastest possible time
  • The test is under strict control and the doors of the test site are closed on time
  • Try to avoid any cheating ideas that come to your mind during the exam, it’s one of the worst things that can affect your study in turkey, you might get disqualified from the education system also losing the chance of studying in Turkey.

The period of the Basic Learning Skills exam is around 130 minutes to 140 minutes, usually 135 minutes.

Each university has its YÖS exam. Therefore, the appreciation of academic performance by Turkish universities is difficult. Many students choose to register for more than one exam at a university to increase their chances of passing the exam, get high scores and high preference scores.

The YÖS exam is offered in three languages: Turkish, Arabic, and English.

It is important to remember that even if you get a good or a passing score in the YÖS exam, you will have to complete a 6-month Turkish course before you can enter the university.

Most universities provide a negative quarter-point for an incorrect answer, which implies that four incorrect answers will be conducted from your total score by 1 point. A student must at least get a grade of 50 over 100 to be able to get into the university departments, and scores that are below 50 are generally not accepted and considered as a failing grade where you need to re-take the exam. The questions in the exam are predictable, so it is not impossible to get 100 points. To be accepted and enrolled in the best universities in Turkey, your goal is to get a score of 90 points or more. Don’t forget that many students will be trying to get a high grade, so a big competition is waiting for you ahead. School grades or other academic qualifications, also play an important role in college admissions.

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