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Rector: Prof. Dr. Mümin Şahin
Location: TEKIRDAĞ
Since: 2006
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8 Campuss
26 Faculty

272 Instructor

378 Research Assistant

153 Professor

120 Associate Professor

6 Foreign Academic

288 Doctor Faculty Member








University Description

Namık Kemal University was founded on March 17, 2006 in compliance with law no 5647. Faculty of Agriculture, Çorlu Faculty of Engineering and School of Health undergraduate studies, Vocational Schools in Tekirdağ Center, Çerkezköy, Çorlu, Hayrabolu, Malkara, Marmara Ereğlisi, Muratlı, Saray, and Şarköy, which were previously affiliated with Trakya University, became independent under the roof of Namık Kemal University in the academic year 2006-2007. In the same year, Namık Kemal University began working on the foundation of its graduate studies in institutes, such as Natural Sciences, Health Sciences, Social and Technical Sciences. Our university took its steps further into academic life with the foundation of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine.In the process, School of Foreign Languages and Vocational School of Health Services also started academic education while completing their set-up. The Vocational School located in Tekirdağ was divided into two vocational schools as Social Sciences and Technical Sciences, thus providing expansive and modern opportunities to students.With its new Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Fine Arts, Faculty of Law, and Faculty of Dentistry, Namık Kemal University today has become an important institution among newly founded universities. Moreover, since 2006, we have been one of the fastest developing universities of Turkey.Providing education in 273 classrooms and 203 training and research laboratories to some 32.100 students (among which some 400 international students from 33 countries) by an academic staff consisting of more that 1000 professionals in various fields, and located on 14 campuses on an area of 4.116.680 m2, our university contains currently 9 faculties, 1 conservatory, 3 colleges, 3 institutes on graduate level, 13 vocational schools, 6 units affiliated with Rector’s office, 10 research and training centres, and a multi-purpose sports centre. Some 75 student clubs offer around 400 activities per year, including theatre performances, seminars, concerts, and scientific conferences.MissionNamık Kemal University has adopted a university model which is internationally advanced in education and training, science and technology, and contributes to the state’s economy, gives great importance to research and integrates with the public.VisionNamık Kemal University renovates itself in terms of technology, information and human resources. It gives importance to quality, creates scientific values and foresees the future. In short, our vision is to acquire the modern quality in education and academic life. 

University Application Dates

25.06.2020 - 17.07.2020


Please provide notarized translations of your documents if they are in any language other than English and Turkish.

  • Copy of your Passport with personal information page on it. If you don’t have a valid international passport at the time of application, please provide a copy of your national ID
  • Copy of an official document certifying successful completion of high school (diploma or school leaving certificate) if available at the time of application. If not available, provide any document demonstrating your education status
  • Copy of an official high school transcript showing all your courses taken during your high school study
  • Exam results if you are applying with an exam (national or internationally recognized), such as SAT
  • Copy of English language proficiency exam if available
  • Copy of Turkish language proficiency exam for Turkish taught degree programs
  • Letter of Intent
  • Reference Letter

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$ 359.0

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$ 460.0

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