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Rector: Prof. Dr. Ahmet Çamsarı
Location: MERSIN
Since: 1992
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General InformationMersin University was established with the Law No. 3837 adopted by the Turkish Grand National Assembly on July 3, 1992 and started its activities on November 10, 1992.In the academic year of 1993-1994, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Faculty of Fine Arts, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, Tourism Management and Hotel Management School, Mersin Vocational School, Gülnar Vocational School, Mut Vocational School, Tarsus Vocational School will carry out graduate programs. He started education by taking students to the Social Sciences and Science Institutes.Since its establishment; increased the number of faculties to 13, the number of colleges to 8, the number of vocational schools to 12, the number of institutes to 5, and the number of research centers to 21.HistoryMersin University was established with the Law No. 3837 adopted by the Turkish Grand National Assembly on 3 July 1992 and started its activities on 10 November 1992.1993-1994 academic year, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Faculty of Fine Arts, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Mersin Vocational School, Gülnar Vocational High School, Mut Vocational High School, Tarsus Vocational High School He started his education by taking students to the Social Sciences and Science Institutes that will carry out his graduate programs with.Since its establishment; increased the number of faculties to 13, the number of colleges to 8, the number of vocational schools to 12, the number of institutes to 5, and the number of research centers to 21.Our MissionAdhering to Atatürk's principles and revolutions, without sacrificing secularism and the principles of the Republic, working hard, using his knowledge and knowledge for the benefit of all humanity, beneficial to the society, in the light of universal values, thinking modern, creative and positive, participating, productive and representing his country with the values created by him, all over the world educating individuals, conducting a high level of scientific work and research, producing knowledge and technology, contributing to development and sustainable development in the regional and national arena by presenting its production for the benefit of society.Our VisionTo become a university that is internationally recognized, unobstructed and internationally recognized, which integrates its students, graduates, employees and society with lifelong learning with the education and training it will provide, the knowledge, technology and art it will produce at national and international level.Campus lifeLaboratoriesThere are 41 computer laboratories in all the faculties and schools of our university and 1940 computers in these laboratories. Our students can benefit from the computer labs spread to all academic units free of charge besides the course applications.The laboratories used in education and research activities provide researchers with wide application and research opportunities in almost every branch. A total of 225 laboratories and 44 workshops are equipped with advanced technology and are constantly being developed both in terms of space and technical equipment.In the language laboratory in Mersin Vocational School, General English and Professional English courses are given to all programs.LibraryLibrary services, with the 3000 square meter Çiftlikköy Central Library, the 800 square meter Yenişehir Branch Library and the 400 square meter Information Access Hall, serve in a total area of ​​4200 square meters, with a seating capacity of 294 people. Library services are also available on the internet, with free internet lounges consisting of 306 computers.By the library; information and guidance service, lending service, interlibrary lending service, university publications, receiving ISBN and ISSN numbers, cataloging and classification service, information scanning service; In addition, subscriptions are made to databases that provide full text access to tens of thousands of sources.All books and documents were transferred to the Library Automation System in accordance with the understanding of computer-based functional librarianship. Library collection; It consists of 71,563 books, 33 database subscriptions, 805 printed periodical subscriptions, 1,312 theses, 350 brochures, 259 audio books, 350 CDs and many magazines.The Visually Impaired Service, which was established to enable the visually impaired users to benefit from the library and information technologies, has audio books consisting of many topics such as psychology, literature and communication. Visually impaired users can search the internet with the screen reading program, use any book they want to benefit from the library with a browser and screen reading program, and listen to the audio book CDs and their own CDs in this section.IT ActivitiesInternet technologies, which are indispensable elements of daily life and science world, are actively used in our university. In-house network facilities and internet are used with 3,600 computers in all our campuses and colleges.Our students and faculty can benefit from ftp, e-mail, library document scanning system and radio services over the internet. Our students have the opportunity to register, update and learn their grades on the internet through the Student Information System (OBS); Our faculty members have the opportunity to approve course registration and to enter grades. The Personnel Information System (PBS) is a program in which all university personnel can follow personal information and staff information.Web Kiosks, which are patented and produced by Mersin University, offer free internet access service indefinitely and include completely free software applications. Metal-enclosed and wall-mounted free internet access terminals have been installed at 100 points in all of our schools in the city center and districts.Sports FacilitiesMersin University, which is committed to supporting sports and sportsmen as well as education and training activities, has accomplished many successes worldwide and across the country. Our students and lecturers; They make our face laugh in different sports branches such as taekwondo, basketball, football, volleyball, badminton, tennis, archery, athletics, step, salsa, and announce the name of our university in our country and in the world.Our sports fields today; It consists of indoor sports halls, gymnasiums, tennis courts, instrument gymnasiums, football, basketball and volleyball courts, athletic tracks and olympic stadium with a capacity of five thousand spectators, mini golf area, recreation areas and indoor semi-olympic swimming pool. In addition to our students and staff, the people of Mersin can benefit from our sports fields, which provide an environment for sports and social events with wide participation.Health ServiceMedico Social: The health unit located at Çiftlikköy Campus operates as the first application center for our students' health problems. The health unit, which provides services with 1 family physician, 3 general practitioners, 3 dentists, 2 nurses and 1 laboratory technician, has 3 dental treatment units with full capacity, and laboratories that can perform any kind of diagnostic and medical analysis.The complaints of students and staff who apply to the health unit are evaluated by doctors,and treatments are made, the referrals of the patients deemed necessary are made to the hospitals, which is a higher unit.Health Research and Application Center: The Research and Application Center, which was opened in 1999 after the Faculty of Medicine became operational, was renamed the Health Research and Application Center in 2007. The center, which provides education, research and practice in all areas related to health services, also provides quality health services to Mersin and the local people.The Health Research and Application Center, which is equipped with extensive facilities for advanced examination and treatment, is the academic unit that is most intertwined with the people of the city. In the center, which successfully conducts all kinds of advanced examinations and treatments such as open heart surgery, kidney transplant, liver transplant, provides polyclinic services in 42 branches and has a capacity of 403 beds; Since its establishment, three million examinations and treatments have been made, and 65 thousand people have undergone surgery.The center, which is structured in light of the latest developments in technology and science and considering modern hospital requirements, has the TSE-ISO EN-9001-200 Quality Management System certificate.In addition, it is planned to open the hospital building, which will include 400 beds, 21 operating rooms and intensive care units, which is under construction at Çiftlikköy Central Campus.Dining Hall ServicesAll campuses and units of the university offer lunch consisting of four different meals regularly every day. The meals produced in the central kitchen in Çiftlikköy Campus are distributed to the faculties, schools and vocational schools in the districts.The central kitchen and dining hall located on the Çiftlikköy Campus provides an average of 13 thousand meals each day. There are 9 halls with a total of 1,079 sessions in the cafeteria with OHSAS, HACCP, ISO 9001-2000 and TSE Quality Certificate. All food production and distribution services are carried out by experienced cooks and staff under the supervision of a food engineer.Yenişehir Campus refectory, which provides food service to an average of 1.200 people every day, serves in a total area of ​​725 square meters and in 3 separate halls.In addition to dining halls, there are various canteens and student cafeterias on campuses. Cafeterias and restaurants in areas such as shopping malls and valley facilities within Çiftlikköy Campus have increased the alternatives offered in nutrition.ShelterIn Mersin, there are dormitories belonging to our university, the Credit and Hostels Institution and private institutions. In addition to breakfast and dinner services, free transportation is provided to university campuses. There is a 200-bed student dormitory in Gülnar Vocational School.The Dormitory Complex affiliated to the Credit and Hostels Institution has a bed capacity of 1,240 people, 700 for female students and 540 for male students. In addition to these, it is possible to rent quality and cheaply priced apartments or rooms in holiday and fall months. The housing needs of our students were significantly resolved with the opening of private dormitories.Meeting hallsThere are many conference and meeting halls in different capacities for scientific, social and cultural activities. In addition to the halls in faculties and colleges, the halls on the Çiftlikköy Campus meet the needs of our city as well as our university.Prof. located on Çiftlikköy Campus. Dr. Vural Ülkü Conference Hall has a seating capacity of 200 people and the translation hall is equipped with a barcovision and central air conditioning system and advanced technological facilities.Prof. consisting of a total of 5 halls. Dr. Uğur Oral Cultural Center has 1 conference hall for 407 people, 3 conference halls for 200 people and 2 exhibition halls for 117 people. The cultural center, which has advanced technological facilities, has hosted many national and international events since its opening.The amphitheater with a 2,500-seat capacity, located in Çiftlikköy Central Campus, entered service in the 2001-2002 academic year. The amphitheater, which meets a great need to revive social life in our university and city, hosts various scientific and cultural events.Application Nursery and KindergartenPractice Nursery and Kindergarten, which continues its activities under the Faculty of Education, creates a practice area for students and gives preschool education to children aged 3-6. There are 5 classrooms, dormitory, kitchen and game room in the Nursery and Kindergarten in Yenişehir Campus. Practice Nursery and Kindergarten, with a capacity of 100 students, provides contemporary education, primarily the children of Mersin University employees.Psychological Counseling and Guidance ServicesPsychological Counseling and Guidance Center, which continues its activities at Çiftlikköy Campus, provides psychological counseling and guidance services within Mersin a student student service unit. The aim of the center is to support our students to develop their personal, social, educational and professional aspects at the highest level and in many ways. In parallel, it carries out preventive and developmental studies for various problems that may arise during the learning process.The center continues its activities in the fields of individual psychological counseling, group psychological counseling, group psychological counseling and orientation by planning our studies in line with the priorities of our university and the needs of our students.ShoppingThe Çiftlikköy Campus has a shopping center that meets the social facility needs of students and faculty. In the center serving since 2000; There are social places for students and staff such as bookstores, restaurants, cafeterias, game rooms, banks, stationery, internet cafes, markets, cinema.In addition, PTT branches and ATMs of various banks serve in Çiflikköy and Yenişehir campuses; There are two bank branches in Çiftlikköy Campus.TransportationTransportation to the campuses of our university is provided by various public transportation vehicles and university vehicles. It is possible to reach all campuses of the university easily at almost any hour of the day.Ring services between Çiftlikköy and Yenişehir Campus offer free transportation to students and staff. University buses, which serve at regular intervals throughout the day, provide transportation between both campuses and on campus.

University Application Dates

27.07.2020 - 07.08.2020


Please provide notarized translations of your documents if they are in any language other than English and Turkish.

  • Copy of your Passport with personal information page on it. If you don’t have a valid international passport at the time of application, please provide a copy of your national ID
  • Copy of an official document certifying successful completion of high school (diploma or school leaving certificate) if available at the time of application. If not available, provide any document demonstrating your education status
  • Copy of an official high school transcript showing all your courses taken during your high school study
  • Exam results if you are applying with an exam (national or internationally recognized), such as SAT
  • Copy of English language proficiency exam if available
  • Copy of Turkish language proficiency exam for Turkish taught degree programs
  • Letter of Intent
  • Reference Letter

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