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Rector: Prof. Dr. Muhammed Hasan ASLAN
Location: KOCAELI
Since: 1992
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History of Gebze Technical UniversityGebze Technical University (GTU) was established with the decree of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey on November 4, 2014, based on the foundations and experience of Gebze Institute of Technology (GYTE), which was founded in 1992, inheriting and embracing GYTE's 22-year heritage. Gebze Technical University is the youngest university in Turkey, yet it has the experience to become the most important hub for science in the country, thanks to its infrastructure, facilities and academic staff.  In 1994-1995 Academic Year, Gebze Technical University (then GYTE) started offering graduate education first, with a total of 80 students in graduate programs under the Institute of Natural and Applied Sciences, including Electronics Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Chemistry, Biology, and Management. In 1995-1996 Academic Year, graduate programs in Computer Engineering, Physics, Architecture, and City and Regional Planning were started; in 1996-1997 Academic Year, graduate programs in Geodesy and Photogrammetry Engineering and Energy Systems Engineering were started; in 1997-1998 Academic Year, graduate program in Mathematics was started; and in 1999-2000 Academic Year, graduate program in Earthquake and Structural Engineering was started. In 2001-2002 Academic Year, the Institute of Social Sciences was established, and in the following years, doctoral programs in the abovementioned fields and interdisciplinary thesis and non-thesis master's programs to meet the industry's needs were started. As the institution's name was changed into "Gebze Technical University" in 2014, seven new institutes were established, and of them, the Institute of Nanotechnology and the Institute of Biotechnology started offering graduate education. Gebze Technical Universirty started offering undergraduate education in 2001-2002 Academic Year under the Faculty of Engineering, with the Department of Computer Engineering and the Department of Electronics Engineering. The undergraduate education started in 2002-2003 Academic Year at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering under the Faculty of Engineering and at the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Physics under the Faculty of Science; in 2008-2009 Academic year, at the Department of Management under the Faculty of Business Administration and at the Department of Architecture under the Faculty of Architecture; in 2010-2011 Academic Year, at the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics under the Faculty of Science; in 2016-2017 Academic Year, at the Department of Environmental Engineering; and in 2017-2018 Academic Year, at the Department of Civil Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Bioengineering, Department of Geomatics Engineering under the Faculty of Engineering, at the department of City and Regional Planning under the Faculty of Architecture, and at the Department of Economics under the Faculty of Business Administration. Gebze Technical University has always continued its efforts to offer education and teaching and conduct research in ever-increasing quality, and gained a new status being designated as one of the 10 research universities of Turkey, with the  announcement made by Dear Mr. President at the opening ceremony for 2017-2018 Academic Year.Gebze Technical University continues education and teaching in the 18 departments under its 4 faculties and 50 graduate programs under its 9 institutes. As of 2018, Gebze Technical University has 3713 undergraduate and 4599 graduate students,  totaling to 8132 students with more than 55% studying at graduate level.Pioneering technological developments and having close relations with many institutions such as TÜBİTAK and TSE, which are located in the same region as itself, Gebze Technical University has developed its R&D infrastructure with the protocols it has signed up to now, and increased the opportunities it can offer. By this means, thanks to the support it receives from institutions such as the Ministry of Development and TÜBİTAK, the university continues research conducting projects in vital subjects such as nanotechnology, defense technologies, unmanned aerial vehicles, electric cars, biotechnology, biological clock, and cancer that reflect the needs of our age.Mission, Vision and ValuesVision Gebze Technical University’s vision is to become a leading university worldwide that shapes the development of the knowledge produced in fundamental sciences, engineering, and social sciences and that conducts high-level education and research. MissionWith its education quality and highly-qualified academic staff, well-equipped laboratories, research centers and central location at the heart of Turkish industry, Gebze Technical University’s mission is to continue its existence providing high-quality education and teaching to the benefit of the society, industry, and the region, conducting scientific research, delivering practical solutions for the society’s and industry’s problems without compromising on scientific, ethical and social values.Core ValuesGebze Technical University has adopted universal ethical academic values, critical thinking, encouragement of research, innovative thinking, openness to change, and having social and academic responsibility that works towards the benefit of the society and humanity as its core values.7 Facts About GTU1. EASILY ACCESSIBLE CAMPUS!Gebze Technical University is located at the heart of the industry, at a key location that connects Asia and Europe. It is maximum 1 hour away from Istanbul, Kocaeli, Sakarya, Bursa and Yalova cities and a 15-minute drive from Sabiha Gökçen Airport, and also at the center of approximately 20 million people population.GTU's campus is easily accessible by public transport to and from Istanbul and Kocaeli. Commuting to GTU will be much easier when Marmaray Project, two stations of which are located within our campus, is completed.2. HISTORIC TEXTURE, GREEN CAMPUS!Each step you take after you enter the GTU campus will take you centuries back in history as centennial sycamores welcome you. The campus awaits you right beside the Sultan's Meadow (aka Hünkar Çayırı) where Mehmed the Conqueror (Fatih Sultan Mehmet) established his pavilion and drew his last breath. Our campus is breathtaking with a green area as big as Kınalıada (one of the Princes' Islands in Istanbul) and faculty buildings that do not harm the natural texture.3. TECHNOLOGY GENERATING, PIONEER IN SCIENCE!Although it has an establishment history dating back only a quarter-century, Gebze Technical University has managed to become a university capable of producing science and projects on a universal scale. It has been listed the fourth in the "Top Universities in Turkey" ranking made by URAP according to the criteria such as the number of publications per academician, the number of citations per academician, and the number of students per academician. In the "Entrepreneurship Index" announced by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, GTU ranks the first among the "universities without technoparks". Making many contributions to science in the international arena, GTU is also one of the powerful partners of IT Valley, which will enable Turkey to be listed among technology producing countries.There are 4 faculties, 18 departments and 9 institutions at GTU. 70% of the academic staff holds PhD degrees from renowned universities in the US and UK, and the number of undergraduate students per academician is 4. In 2009, the European Commision awarded GTU with the Diploma Supplement Label, along with 7 other universities. The label increases the quality and reputation of the higher education institutions and provides them with international credibility, thus enabling our graduating students' diplomas to gain universal quality.4. ERASMUS OPPORTUNITIES!Within the scope of the Erasmus+ Programme that provides student and teaching staff mobility for our university, we have agreements with almost 100 universities in Europe. Under these agreements, 1 out of every 5 students has the opportunity to spend one year of their university education studying at one of our reputable partner universities in Europe. This ratio places GTU near the top among the other universities in Turkey.5. SOCIAL CAMPUS!With nearly 300 activities organized by 35 student clubs in total throughout the academic year, our students have the opportunity to improve themselves in line with their interests. A university life full of career days, entrepreneurship summits, science and technology days, talks and panels, concerts and so much more is awaiting our students. Thanks to the university administration supporting the social campus, the student clubs with the Rowing Club in the first place, including the Dance Club, Robotics and Automation Club, IEEE Club, Turkish Club, and Theater Club, are making their mark the with the prizes they win at competitions.6. INNOVATIVE UNIVERSITY!Pioneering technological developments, GTU has close relationships with TÜBİTAK (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) and TSE (Turkish Standards Institution), which are located in the same region as GTU, and with many other organizations and institutions. Thanks to the protocols signed, GTU has developed its R&D infrastructure and increased its opportunities, by which means it continues its high-budget projects with DPT (State Planning Organization) and TÜBİTAK on subject matters such as unmanned aerial vehicles, electric cars, biological clocks, cancer, defense technologies and nanotechnology, in order to meet the necessities of our time.7. EDUCATION AT THE HEART OF THE INDUSTRY!Gebze Technical University is located at the heart of 3 Technoparks, 18 Organized Industrial Zones, and 35 R&D Centers and thanks to the university-industry collaboration, it offers employment opportunities to its students even before they graduate.

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