• Population: 279812
  • Universities: 1
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Bingöl is the capital of Bingöl Province, one of the 81 provinces of Turkey. On May 1, 2003 the whole area suffered from a magnitude 6.4 earthquake, leaving 177 dead and 520 injured. On 8 March 2010, the area suffered another earthquake, of magnitude 5.9, with its epicenter in Elâzığ Province, 45 km (28 mi) west of Bingöl.

Bingol, Turkey Located in the Eastern Anatolia Region is a province.


There are public libraries in our provincial center, Adaklı, Genç, Karlıova, Kiğı and Solhan districts, and there are 84897 books in the libraries. There are no libraries in our Yayladere and Yedisu districts. Public Library in the city center serves in the newly opened Cultural Center.
 In our city, hunting tourism and ski sports are also carried out in the winter. The natural wonder, The Sunrise and the floating island are worth seeing. Apart from this, there are many mosques, complexes and cupolas that are historical monuments.
 In our provinces, districts, towns and villages; 1 Stadium, 6 Sports Halls, 1 Semi-Olympic Outdoor Swimming Pool, 4 Sportsmen Locker Rooms, 15 District Sports Fields and 7 Football Fields with Synthetic Grass Surfaces 3 Youth Centers (Flat Tree Youth Center is used in partnership with Bingöl Municipality.)
Our gyms within our Young, Solhan, Karlıova and Kiğı District Directorates are fully active and at the service of our people.
The lower bazaar synthetic grass surface football field, Yeni Mahalle synthetic grass surface football field, Merkez Güevşli Village Synthetic grass surface football field and double locker room, our synthetic grass surface fields and athlete locker rooms in our sports campus are completely active and open to the service of our people.
Our new gymnasium with a capacity of 1500 spectators and in compliance with national standards has been completed, and it has been temporarily accepted and put into service as of December 2011.
Total number of clubs in our city: 55; 41 sports clubs, 6 institution clubs, 8 of them are school sports clubs.
Total number of licensed athletes: 11,755, 2,765 of these athletes are female and 8,990 are male athletes.
Currently, there are 2,353 women and 4,049 men in the Youth Center, and a total of 6,402 members, and we have 900 active members. Within the scope of Cultural, Social Artistic and Sports activities, Masatenisi, Baglama, Guitar, Painting, Folk Dances, Chess, Theater, English, Ottoman Turkish, computer courses are ongoing. Also, 360 young people have participated in the trip to the provinces.
In 2014, around 400 young people attended the mobility trip, sea and nature camps, on the trail of a traveler's plane tree.

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