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Aydin, Turkey's 20th most populous province.. It is one of the most developed provinces in terms of tourism and agriculture in the Aegean Region. İzmir is located in the north, Manisa in the northeast, Denizli in the east, Muğla in the south and the Aegean Sea in the west. As of 2019, it is the third biggest province of the Aegean Region with a population of 1,110,972. There are seventeen districts.


Aydin is one of the rare places in the world, bearing the traces of history and civilization in our Western Anatolian Region.

It is an open museum of different cultural accumulation in various stages of history. History M.O. There are handmade records of the first people settled in these lands dating back to 7000 years and where they settled. In these works, the bay culture in M.O.5000 turns into a culture of the city states in M.O.3000. Newcomers have contributed to the Anatolian culture by establishing a state since 2000 B.C. In the 14th and 12th century BC, the communities that spread all over the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean reached the Aegean shores in tribes. As a result of this migration, the Hittite state, Troia Kingdom, Mycenaean colonies were destroyed. Atolls and Ions from these tribes settled in the Western and Small Menderes plains in Western Anatolia and established 12 coastal cities within the Lydian Kingdom, and sea trade was developed in these cities called sites. They created politics, art, science, philosophy, architecture, and socio-cultural events.


Intellectual; Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East situated in the middle of the triangle, Turkey's agriculture, industry and foreign trade where a combination of tourism activities, the economy is the most developed regions in the Aegean Region. The city of Aydin has been an important settlement center since its earliest lands, favorable climate and trade routes. It is one of our beautiful dormitory corners that have cradled various civilizations in the historical process and still bear the deep traces of the past. Today, the intensity and diversity of agricultural activities and the fact that they have tourism opportunities are increasing the importance of the province. Aydin is on the coastal Aegean region in the western part of the Aegean Region, in the southwestern part of the Aegean Region. It opens to İzmir, Manisa, Denizli to the east, Muğla to the south and the Aegean to the west. The north and south are mountainous, rugged, between the two sections, the Büyük Menderes plain, a young depression area, bordered by faults on both sides and subsequently covered with alluviums. The region, which has a 1st degree earthquake area, has been subjected to destructive earthquakes many times. Its surface area is 8.007 km². It is between 37-38 north latitudes and 27-29 east longitudes. Its population is 897,821 according to the 1997 census. In the last census, this number was expected to exceed one million, and these estimates were quite accurate.


Aydin is located in the middle of Western Anatolia, where tourism activities are most intense, beyond having historical, cultural and natural values. In addition, having the most important sea nerve gate in terms of tourism has made Aydın one of the most developed provinces in the sector. As the west of Aydın opens to the Aegean sea, Kuşadası and Didim districts are more suitable for daily visits in every field of tourism and other districts are more suitable for folkloric and archaeological values. For this reason, investments are concentrated in these two coastal districts and concentrate on future demands in this region. Another importance of the province of Aydin is that it is very close to the Izmir metropolitan area and within the direct impact area. Aydin city center, which is 100 km away by highway connection to Izmir, is 930 km from Istanbul and 530 km from Ankara. The maritime route is provided from the port of Kuşadası in the province, and İzmir port is used for larger port use.

Railway Denizli-Aydin-line addition Izmir, Turkey's first railway line passes through yl Remove extension. Menderes airport is on the Aydin-Izmir highway and serves to Aydin, as well as Kuşadası and Didim as well as İzmir. The suitability of the climate and enabling a long tourism season is one of the most important encouraging factors in Aydin. In the province of Aydin, where the Mediterranean climate is dominant, hot months are the majority. At the same time, the temperature of the sea water provides water sports and swimming in half of the year between May and October. In addition, those who come from the public beaches on the seashore, from settlements in the province and from the surrounding provinces benefit from daily or weekend.

This type of use is very common due to its convenience in transportation and climate features. This demand is made up of the cities of Söke, Aydin, Nazilli and Denizli. There is quite a difference between the west and east of Aydin province in terms of tourism sector. It is a section where the resources providing services suitable for domestic and foreign tourism are opened to use as much as possible, and the necessary attempts are made to make those in potential situation available for use. The east serves mostly for domestic tourism. However, ruins and diversity to be created may cause foreign tourism to intensify in this section as well. Due to tour routes covering Aphrodisias and Pamukkale, the east of the province can be used by foreign tourism. Health tourism (thermal), historical and architectural works, archaeological sites, museums, traditional crafts, local festivals, camel wrestling, cultural tourism, sports tourism, trekking, horseback nature trips, golf, diving, Sporting tourism such as sea and land hunting, swimming, sailing, water sports are activities that can be developed in the city.


Aydin province is one of Turkey's richest regions in terms of archaeological sites. The city, which has been a part of the Hittite, Ionian, Lydian, Roman, Byzantine, Anatolian Seljuks, Aydioğulları, Menteşoğulları and Ottoman Empire since the end of 4000 BC, has a great potential in terms of domestic and foreign tourism with its ancient cities and museums. It has. Milet, Didyma, Priene are among the important ancient settlements in the west; in the middle south Alinda, Alabanda; The ancient cities of Tralleis, Nyssa in the north and Aphrodisias in the north and İzmir, Ephesus and Virgin Mary near the north, Hierapolis in Denizli in the east, Labranda, lasos and Halikarnassos in Muğla in the south, and the historical and archaeological sights create a very demanding tourism demand.

The mosques in the city centers and the Arpaz Castle in Nazilli, the Körteke Castle in Bozdoğan, the Cincin Castle in Koçarlı, tombs, madrasahs, masjids and baths, Seljuk and the ruins of the Roman and Greek periods mentioned above with the emphasis on the necessary restorations and promotions. Encouraging the structures belonging to the Ottoman times to visits for touristic purposes will give a different perspective to the provincial tourism. Among other attractive elements in the city that may create tourism demand, it is possible to count the old urban textures, featured historical local residential buildings, festivals, authentic rural settlements, traditions, carpet weaving looms, camel wrestling, picnic and promenade areas in forests and plateaus. Aydin province has important opportunities to see and watch different cultures and cultural works, to participate in folkloric activities, to watch traditional activities such as local cuisine, music, clothing and to visit. Kirazlı village near Kuşadası, which is one of the examples of civil architecture and interesting rural settlements, attracts tourists with its architectural texture, as well as its carpets and weaving looms, its local cuisine such as hair pastry and buttermilk, and its ancient architectural texture, 14. centuries with Ahmet Gazi Mosque and Ahi İbrahim TombIt is a remarkable historical settlement with its rock tombs and ruins and hand woven arts in Asarlık. In addition, traditional clay tents of Turkmen are produced in Olukbaşı village in Bozdoğan district between Aphrodisias and Neopolis, and efforts are made to serve local dishes in authentic tents. The festival, which is usually held outside the tourism season, and in particular, camel wrestling are provided by local people and domestic tourism. Camel wrestling attracts the attention of foreign tourists, albeit in a limited number. In addition, Sultanhisar, Nazilli, Ortaklar, Germencik, İncirliova, Kuyucak and Köşk train station buildings are living examples of 19th century economy and transportation history.


There are small and large thermal facilities in the province of Aydin. Alangüllü (Bozköy), Ömerli and Gümüş (Gümüşilica) in Germencik; There are facility areas for thermal use in 6 regions: Davutlar in Kuşadası, Salavatlı in Sultanhisar and Buharkent. Alangüllü Hot Spring: It is in Bozköy locality of Germencik district. There is a facility with 32 rooms and 70 beds capacity, with an indoor thermal pool certified by the Municipality. In addition, the cure facility and modern thermal and accommodation facilities have been built by the Special Provincial Administration, and have become one of the most modern and large spas in the region. Gümüşköy Spa: It is located in Gümüşköy district of Germencik district. Silver thermal facility is a very small facility with a capacity of 2 rooms and 4 beds. Davutlar: There is a private facility, which is not partial accommodation, in the district of the hot water spa, which is located near the settlement of Davutlar town of Kuşadası district. Salavatlı hot spring: It is to the west of Sultanhisar. It is still active.


Water sports and sea sports in Aydin province; Fishing is also done by swimming, diving, sailing, surfing, water parachute and water skiing, as well as by diving, harpoon or fishing line from shore-boat. Among these sports, recreational activities such as swimming, surfing, water skiing and parachute, as well as pedalo skiing, banana skiing are mostly performed in the bays where settlements, even touristic facilities or beaches used by the public. Special diving areas are identified for underwater diving, and tours are organized in groups to supervise dives to monitor them. For this, there are areas with natural features such as old batik ship, amphora or seal, coral reefs.


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